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  • 2.5 inch by 44 inch quilting fabric strips.
  • 40 individual fabric strips, 100% cotton quilt fabric.

Each bag contains varying width of strips. Most are 2 to 4 inches in width.

Strips vary in length. Most are 32 inches or longer.

May contain selvage pieces.

Scrappy Scraps

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I bought two of these. They need a bit of work trimming but there were very few 2 1/2 strips, few 2in strips and mostly 1 1/2 strips (some with a little selvage to make up the width). I used them to make zip bags. I don't know that they are of great value. If you have scrap material left over from other projects and want to add additional colour, maybe, but I was a little disappointed.

Great value if you're flexible!

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I've bought quite a few of these and have been pleased. Some have been all from the same fabric line so very coordinated. Others have been scrappy and less coordinated. Almost all contained a count of 28-34 32-inch-long strips. Usable fabric on the strips (minus selvage if it had it) has ranged from 2 inches to 3.5 inches. In my case the "scrappy" bags have usually contained wider strips. I used them for scrap quilting, demonstrating techniques, and sometimes supplement with fabric from the same line to make a jelly-roll-based quilt.



I was really looking forward to checking out the fabrics in this scrap bag, but when it was delivered today it was all Halloween fabrics, which I will never use.

Love these!


I love these scrap bags. I buy them all the time. As they are scrap some times the bags are better than others. I always manage to gather enough variety to make true scrap quilts, and let my imagination and creativity guide me to how my project turns out. I would recommend them as a great way to add variety and color to your stash.

Creative Fun


I have bought several of these, and its like Christmas waiting to see what is inside! Once I bought 2 at once and they were from the same line so if you want more fabrics that go together, that may help. If what you get is not something you love, be creative, don't get hung up on patterns and think it has to be 2 1/2" wide. Go with the flow and have fun!

Fun in a Bag!


Love, love, Moda Fabrics Scrap Bags. I have purchased several over the past couple of years. They are so versatile. I've used them for sashing, borders and bindings. My favorite bags have been all one fabric line so you know they all play nice together.

Spark your Creativity!


I really enjoy these scrap bags. None have gone to waste. Even when the strips are narrow with the selvage along the edge, I can fold the selvage edge to the inside and use it for binding. The fabrics have always been high quality. They spark creativity and are fun to use.

So-so product


I ordered one of these and it was all Christmas prints. Yes, most of the strips were about 2 inches wide, but most of them included at least 3/4 inches of selvedge in that 2 inches. A little disappointed and not sure what I'll do with them. I don't think I will ever order them again!

True grab bag


I got two. One was halloween which I wont use and a lovely blue and green.



Wonderful! I make a lot of quilts for Project Linus and this scrap bag was great! Just sew the strips together, do some simple quilting and done.Easy peasy ;-)

It's worth a try.


I'm very pleased with what I received. Some fabrics are not my style, but I will find a use for them. I'm not disappointed and will happily buy one again. It's nice to be surprised and getting out of my comfort zone.

Also disappointed


My order arrived yesterday, and was all christmas fabrics. Which I too was disappointed. I don't normally do holiday quilting, but my friend loves them, so will pass this along to her, and will try again. Hopefully I will not get Holiday scraps again.

It is like going to the CANDY STORE!!!!

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I love these scrap bags!!! Great selection of fabrics!! Love it even more when the bags are paired up with the same fabric!! Great price also!!!

A toss up


I wish they had a "weight". I have gotten some good ones. . .I have gotten some where there is not much in the bag.

So please with my scrap bags ◉‿◉


Very pleased. Purchase two. One bag florals in pastel blues/red tones with small farm animal & floral motifs. The other is brown mustard tone with turquoise aquamarine more modern small prints, some with African animals, So glad I ordered. Exceeded my expectations. thanks!!!

So useful!


I LOVE these Moda Fabrics Scrap Bags. I have purchased several from local quilt shops and online. They make charming additions to quilts. I mostly use them for sashings and borders. Quite often everything in the bag is all one fabric line. You know everything in the bag coordinates.

scraps yes


what a surprise ordered 2x and loved the 1st one and found I actually needed all the 50s looking for a primitive throw Im doing in the second. ordering again its fun to have to think outside the box and figure out what to do :) PS. I make sure I add one to every order.

Unwanted Halloween fabric


To the lady who was disappointed with her bag because it was all Halloween fabric--would you consider selling it? I would love to buy it.

Try Try Again-You never know


I have bought lots of these bags and some are better than others. One of the last ones I bought was fabric from several lines nothing went together so I decided to make a nothing goes together quilt using the split rail pattern. Sorry to say but it is UGLY. Back to the drawing board. I will keep buying these some have been great.

Great Buy!

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I wasn't sure about this but gave it a try. I received 27 WOF strips and all 2 1/2 inches wide. Every strip is from the same Moda line - Bittersweet Lane - so everything coordinates. At $0.52 per strip, I'd say this was a great deal. A Junior Jelly Roll of 20 strips costs more. Maybe I just got lucky, but I'll take my chances and order this again.

I agree with Toss Up

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I appreciate the fabric scrap bag idea as I love surprises and different types of fabrics for my projects and stash, however, most of the fabrics I received were pieces I would never buy. They were plain and pastel like colors, some were vintage florals that seemed like really outdated fabrics. I will find something for them eventually. I ordered them last year and have only used about 2 pieces so far.

Excellent Value!


Terrific for table runners and crazy quilts. I love these!

Useful strips.

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Once trimmed, these are very useful 2” - 21/2” strips. Not disappointed at all, as I was hoping for some unusual or unique fabrics in colors I don’t normally buy to add to my stash. That’s exactly what I got! Will definitely add-on to any future orders. Just remember these are length of fabric, not WOF - may or may not affect your sewing.