Quilt Batting

Our Quilt Batting options are perfect for all your quilting needs. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out we have everything you need to create beautiful cozy quilts. Our collection includes a wide range of batting options including heirloom poly/cotton wool silk bamboo and polyester batting ensuring excellent loft and durability. Our most popular quilt battings are Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Queen Size & Quilter's Dream Cotton Natural Unbleached Request Loft Queen Size which is a premium 80% cotton 20% polyester blend. Another popular choice is our polyester batting which offers excellent loft and is machine-washable for easy care. When it comes to thickness we have you covered. Our batting options range from thin to thick allowing you to achieve the perfect level of warmth and comfort for your quilts. If you're a fan of machine quilting we also offer batting with a scrim which provides extra stability and prevents the fibers from shifting during quilting. To make your quilting process even easier we also carry quilting stabilizer which helps hold your fabric in place and ensures smooth stitching. Quilt batting comes in a variety of sizes such as queen size king size twin size crib size and quilt batting by the roll. Batting can be 100% cotton 80/20 cotton-poly blend wool silk bamboo or polyester. Popular brands we carry are Quilter's Dream & Hobbs among others.