Upholstery Fabrics

Shop all the best upholstery fabrics for home decorating. Recovering the heirloom furniture piece? We have the perfect woven upholstery damask or cut velvet that will last & add the perfect touch of style to your home decor. Need vinyl marine grade upholstery for your boat? We have you covered with top vinyls from Spradling. Trusted brands like P Kaufmann, Swavelle/Mill Creek, Covington, & more.

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TFA Bench Made Ash Oblong Trellis Woven
SKU: TFA Bench Ash
TFA Llama Drama Aqua Woven Tapestry
SKU: TFA Llama Aqua
TFA Rarity Dove Texture Woven Paisley
SKU: TFA Rarity Dove
Crypton Castille Poppy Cross Woven Texture Red Khaki
SKU: Crypton Castille Poppy

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Golding Midway Taupe Chenille Trellis Woven
SKU: GT Midway Taupe
P Kaufmann Bundled Up Haze
SKU: PK Bundled Up Haze
P Kaufmann Flight Deck Sun
SKU: PK Flight Deck Sun
P Kaufmann Goodland Nimbus
SKU: PK Goodland Nimbus
P Kaufmann Huarache Cocoa
SKU: PK Huarache Cocoa
P Kaufmann Jubilant Earth
SKU: PK Jubilant Earth
P Kaufmann Sharkskin Sepia
SKU: PK Sharkskin Sepia
P Kaufmann Trivento Rose Gold
SKU: PK Trivento Rose Gold
P Kaufmann Tusca Merlot
SKU: PK Tusca Merlot
P Kaufmann Tuscan Steel
SKU: PK Tuscan Steel
P Kaufmann Urban Safari Teak
SKU: PK Urban Safari Teak