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Employment Application

Our Company

Hancock’s of Paducah is a growing, family-owned quilting & home fabrics ecommerce retailer based in Paducah, Ky. We offer employees steady work at a fair wage in a safe workplace environment. Our physical location is a shared order fulfillment and retail store located at 3841 Hinkleville Road, Paducah, Kentucky. We have a call center, fulfilment center, & shipping department contained within two 30,000-foot warehouses. Everything we do happens here.


Currently seeking motivated individuals for order fulfillment positions. We offer a competitive per hour wage with opportunity for increases based on performance, understanding of business practices, and added responsibilities.

  • We do not restrict overtime & encourage employees to work as much as their schedule will allow.
  • We offer flexible scheduling to allow for busy schedules outside of work.
  • After a set time, we offer employees health insurance & a matching retirement plan.

Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Fulfill e-commerce orders & wait on in-store customers in a timely & efficient manner.
  • Able to lift 5-10 lbs. and work on your feet.
  • General housekeeping duties on fulfillment/sales floor as assigned.
  • Learn organization & barcode system of products.
  • Use common point of sale inventory management software.