Tornado Recovery Assistance

The tornado and storm damage in this region from the night of December 10th are absolutely horrible. Thank you to everyone offering thoughts and prayers. If you are able to do more, here are some suggestions.

1. Donate Money

In a disaster, money is the quickest and easiest to transfer. Service organizations can often stretch a dollar a lot further and get exactly what is needed. We recommend the Governor’s Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. This will get donated funds to individuals and organizations in communities across Kentucky assisting with relief.

2. Distribution

If you are managing a shelter, nursing home, etc and need bedding, please email with your need and how we can get it to you, or come to the store and pick up the supplies you need. Individuals impacted by the storms and in need of bedding who can get to our store are also welcome to pick up donated quilts and blankets.

3. Contribute Warm Bedding

Most of us know how comforting and reassuring a quilt can be. It’s winter here in Western Kentucky, and it’s going to get colder. Hancock’s of Paducah volunteers our store as a gathering point for donations of blankets and quilts. Please only bring clean bedding in good condition. Sorting donations is a time and labor intensive, which is why we’re ONLY asking for quilts and blankets at our store.

If you wish to drop off donations in person:


Hancock's of Paducah is located at 3841 Hinkleville Road in Paducah, near I-24 Exit 4. We’ll have a cart with a donation sign inside our front doors during store hours. Regular store hours are Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm, and Saturday 9am-3pm. Our store is closed to customers on Mondays, but staff will be here on Monday, December 20th and a we can accept donations.

If you wish to mail a quilt or blanket, please ship to:


Hancock’s of Paducah
Attn: Tornado Relief
3841 Hinkleville Road
Paducah, KY 42001

Please label the outside of the box with the number of items included, and if they're baby/throw/bed sizes.

4. These needs will be ongoing

It’s a busy time of year, and if you or your guild are making quilts to donate, we know it takes time. As our neighbors find new houses or rebuild, we’d love to give them a quilt to help make their new place feel like home.

We’ll continue to update this page as we have more information.

Did my donation arrive?

We will attempt to keep an up-to-date list of contributors below. Thank you so much for your generosity! Our current count is 2,767 donations, as of Febrauary 25th!

    • Harrisburg, IL quilt guild
      Linda, Illinois
      Margo C., Tennessee
      Sharon B., Alabama
      Kyle C., Iowa
      Friends In Stitches Heart Strings Charity Group
      Jill, Florida
      Lisa E., Michigan
      Patricia Y., Ohio
      Donita H., Illinois
      Bethany L., Minnesota
      Richard H., Florida
      Peaceful Quilts, Indiana
      Anonymous, New York
      Rose M., New York
      Anonymous W., Alabama
      Daniel C., New Jersey
      Betty S., Nebraska
      Rebecca R., Indiana
      Myrna S., Kansas
      Kim S., Wisconsin
      Younghee H., Ohio
      Nancy, Kentucky
      Denise's Quirky Needle, Illinois
      Fat Quarters Evening Quilt Guild, Nebraska
      Mike M., Alabama
      Kim G., Minnesota
      Jason S., North Carolina
      L. Family, New York
      Jaye M., Maryland
      Sue K., Montana
      Kenric D., Virginia
      Anonymous, Indiana
      Sherry B., North Carolina
      Price of Peace Lutheran Church Quilting Group, Illinois
      Axis Ministries, Kentucky
      River Walk Quilters Guild, Illinois
      Ana S., Kentucky
      Nathan C., Kentucky
      Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minnesota
      Debbie W., Tennessee
      Gary R., Kansas
      Karen K., Maryland
      Carol S., Indiana
      Shirley M., Michigan
      Becky D., Wisconsin
      D. E., Illinois
      Jeanie B., Kansas
      Elizabeth L., North Carolina
      Carole L., Wyoming
      Susan F., California
      C. Family, New York
      H. Family, Indiana
      The community of Vuteq, Indiana
      Jill M., Pennsylvania
      Mary Ann S., New York
      Reston Quilters & Judy I., Virginia
      Cheryl, North Carolina
      John and Linda S., Virginia
      Charlene S., Virginia
      Margaret F., Oregon
      Diane K., Vermont
      Sandra B., North Carolina
      Laura B., Ohio
      Southford Falls Quilt Guild, Connecticut
      Lawnie S., Oregon
      Julie K., Indiana
      Kingdom Quilters, First Baptist Church, Florida
      Kathy F., California
      Linda W., Coloroad
      Blessed Savior Lutheran Church, Illinois
      D. Family, Louisiana
      S. Family, Vermont
      Marie S., Florida
      Joan L., Virginia
      J.R., Florida
      Lise O., Washington
      Jane B., Maryland
      River Heritage Quilt Guild, Missouri
      Kelley D., Virginia
      Wendy C., Pennsylvania
      Kenny & Cathy P., Maryland
      Sherrie C., Pennsylvania
      Anonymous Donor, Ohio
      Susan G., Virginia
      Heather H., Texas
      Diane B., West Virginia
      Shelley & Grace
      Kathie S., Minnesota
      Karen O., Iowa
      Julie H., Illinois
      Susan C., Florida
      Marla K., Texas
      Kwiltz 4 Kidz, Maine
      Michael B., Ohio
      Deane Kinsel, Illinois
      Cynthia H., Missouri
      Vickie S., Texas
      Katherine K., Ohio
      TLQ, Washington
      Kathy B., Washington
      S. Family, Arizona
      Ann M., Florida
      F. Family, Arizona
      Mary R., Texas
      The Blanket Service Station, Mississippi
      Sleep in Heavenly Peace Durham Chapter, North Carolina
      Julie, Iowa
      Diane G., California
      Mary Kay G., Minnesota
      H. Family, Wisconsin
      Heryl B., Wisconsin
      Willma D., Washington
      Barbara L., Nevada
      Rocky S., Utah
      T. B., Illinois
      PJS, Nevada
      D. Family, West Virginia
      S. H., Kansas
      Patty F., North Carolina
      Thyra R., California
      Rhonda S., Texas
      Karen J., California
      Polly T., New York
      Jan H., Arkansas
      Kate S., Rhode Island
      Dottie W., California
      Frank R. Indiana
      Carmen M., Washington
      Laura M., Pennyslvania
      Gale S., Texas
      Rita H., Maryland
      Margie P., Colorado
      Marilou S., Virginia
      Jane L., Oklahoma
      H. Family, Nevada
      Our Savior Lutheran Church / Quilts for Lutheran World Relief Quilt Group
      B.B., New Mexico
      Diane B., Ohio
      Cynthia B., Indiana
      Kimberly P., Massachusetts
      N. D., New Mexico
      Sharon D., New Jersey
      Lakewood Gymnastics, Kentucky
      Patricia V., North Carolina
      J. L., Wisconsin
      Marla K., Texas
      Nancy B., Michigan
      Debbie's Lofty Creations, Connecticut
      Sassy F., Tennessee
      Gloria B., Illinois
      Margaret R., Virginia
      Casey & Mary O., North Dakota
      Cumberland Friendship Quilt Guild, Rhode Island
      Teena Ann H., Georgia
      Valerie C., Maine
      R. Family, Texas
      Francis H., Nevada
      Maine Mountain Quilters, Maine
      Care of Quilt Works Inc, New Mexico
      P. Family, Colorado
      Southern California Kahlico Girls Friendship Group / Girls Sew N Sew Charity Group
      Threads of Hope, Illinois
      Elizabeth S., Virginia
      Erlynne N., Utah
      Kathleen H., West Virginia
      Barbara W., Texas
      D. S., New York
      S. W., California
      R.D.F & J.A.F., New York
      Melody S., North Carolina
      Valerie B., Ohio
      Marion M., Massachusetts
      Angela C., Texas
      Diane M., Wisconsin
      Randy M., Ohio
      Natalie W., Pennyslvania
      Kenneth C., Pennyslvania
      D. J., Oregon
      Stella M., Oregon
      Love Binds Quilt Group, Wyoming
      Carol E., Minnesota
      Cathy E., Virginia
      Sandra S., California
      Rebecca R., New Jersey
      Jeff R., Kansas
      Michelle B., Mississippi
      Ann C., Maryland
      Mary M., Texas
      L. Family, Ohio
      Care of Quilt Works Inc, New Mexico
      South Bay Quilters Guild, California
      Ron C., Illinois
      Joseph G., Texas
      H. Family, Illinois
      Penny G., Kentucky
      Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Illinois
      T. P., South Dakota
      David L., Maryland
      Michaele U., Arizona
      Mulberry Quilting Chapter, Florida
      H. Family, Florida
      L. R., Michigan
      Delina A., North Carolina
      Martha H., North Carolina
      Mike & Marcia M., Nevada
      Patricia A.
      Indian Run United Methodist Church Ministry
      Glenda W., Texas
      Lorraine C., North Carolina
      Christine W., Georgia
      D. S., Florida
      Cheryl M., Georgia
      Maine Mountain Quilters, Maine
      Ruth & Sue & Friends, Missouri and Iowa
      Prairie Quilt Guild, Kansas
      The Sewing Account, Iowa
      Judy F., North Carolina
      Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania
      Joann S., Florida
      Sally B., North Carolina
      Marco Patriots
      Dorothy F., New York
      Diane S., Florida
      Judith I., Virginia
      M. Family, Pennsylvania
      Max & Elizabeth P., North Carolina
      Trina W., California
      Margie C., Texas
      Anonymous donors, store dropoff