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Layer Cakes

10 Inch Square Precuts Explained

Written by
Victoria Caldwell
Published on
November 1, 2021 at 9:35:00 AM PDT November 1, 2021 at 9:35:00 AM PDTst, November 1, 2021 at 9:35:00 AM PDT

Talking about fabric can make you hungry, especially when discussing layer cakes and jelly rolls. Someone really needs to rename charm squares to something tastier though!

Only precuts from Moda Fabrics are actually called “layer cakes,” but we have a variety of 10” square precuts from several manufactures that are called “tens” or “10 Karat Crystals” or simply “ten inch Squares.” These chunky precuts typically include 40 or 42 pieces of fabric, but there are some “shortcakes” with 20 or 24 pieces. In some collections, that might be one square of each design... in others, you may see 2 or 3 squares of the same fabric repeated. We even have a few packs that are all the same fabric. Some layer cakes come folded, some come flat. Even though they can seem messier, we think the ones with pinking edges are actually easier to deal with, since the straight-cut edges tend to fray and leave strings everywhere. There may be a layer cake that’s perfect for your needs!

Quilt kits that include 10 inch square precuts

[1. Painted Blossoms Woven In Quilt Kit, 67 by 76 inches

2. Prairie Dry Goods Needle and Thread Quilt Kit, 55 by 60 inches

3. Lemonade Roxanne Quilt Kit, 72 by 87 inches

4. Moda Fabrics Regency Somerset Blue Cobblestones Throw Size Quilt Kit, 60 by 75 inches

Click on the image to visit the kit's product page.]

Precuts have gained popularity since they can be a lot easier to work with compared to yardage, and some pattern designers are taking advantage of this size. For quilters like me that love the scrappy look, but still want the colors to work together, the layer cake is an affordable way to get a big variety of fabric. Keep an eye out for "layer-cake" friendly patterns like the kits above, and the free patterns below.

Free quilt patterns featuring 10 inch square precuts from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

[1. Simple Strips free quilt pattern, 64 by 69 inches

2. Cobblestone Street free quilt pattern, 54 by 69 inches

3. Simple Squares free quilt pattern, 80 by 96 inches

4. Diamond Dance free quilt pattern, 72 x 88 inches

Click on the image to visit the pattern page, and use the large, red "Free Download" button to acces the PDF.]

These patterns are great for beginning quilters!

[Customers check out the 10 inch square precuts on the row of shelving in our back building]

If you visit our store, you might not see the layer cakes and other precuts right away. They’re not on the main floor with the bolts of fabric. Turn right, and past the tall racks of upholstery is a doorway into the “back building” where we keep precuts, kits, and bolts of Minky. This back building also houses our restrooms, overstock shelving, shipping department, and offices (the boring stuff... the fabric is the fun stuff!). There’s a long aisle of metal shelving where you’ll find the layer cakes. Look for the orange price tag on the label for the stuff that’s on sale.

Check out Hancock's of Paducah's selection of 10 inch square "layer cake" precuts.