Hamilton Fabrics is a family-owned and operated business specializing in marvelous designer fabrics and specialty soft goods.

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Hamilton Fabrics Magnolia Flax

SKU: Ham Magnolia Flax

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Hamilton Fabrics Yama Pomegranate Japanese Garden

SKU: Ham Yama Pome

21.7 In Stock

Hamilton Fabrics Natural Duck Canvas

SKU: Ham Duck Nat

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Hamilton Fabrics Amherst Indigo

SKU: Ham Amherst Ind

32.4 In Stock

Hamilton Fabrics Bacchus Pebble

SKU: Ham Bacchus Peb

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Hamilton Fabrics McDowell Noir

SKU: Ham McDowell Noir

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Hamilton Fabrics Rotary Tusk Textured Greek Key

SKU: Ham Rotary Tusk

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Hamilton Fabrics Tripoli Lapis Ombre Cat Eye Ojival

SKU: Ham Tripoli Lapis

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Hamilton Fabrics Marisol Jewel Bright Watercolor Floral Print

SKU: Hamilton Marisol Jewel

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Hamilton Wilmington Sand Linen Texture 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Wilmington Sand

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Hamilton Fabrics Westcott Parquet Woven Upholstery Ivory

SKU: Hamilton Westcott Ivory

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Hamilton Wescott Kiwi Woven Herringbone Texture

SKU: Hamilton Wescott Kiwi

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Hamilton Fabrics Wayside Indigo Stria Texture Chenille

SKU: Hamilton Wayside Indigo

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Hamilton Veranda Summer Peony Floral Cotton 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Veranda Summer

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Hamilton Tivoli Spring Impressionist Agapanthus Floral 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Tivoli Spring

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Hamilton Fabrics Watercolor Peacock and Floral Print Jewel

SKU: Hamilton Tail Feathers Jewel

29.4 In Stock

Hamilton Fabrics Sutton Rhubarb Ikat Frame Linen Texture

SKU: Hamilton Sutton Rhubarb

23.1 In Stock

Hamilton Sidewinder Confetti Jacquared Velvet Chenille 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Sidewinder Confetti

19.5 In Stock

Hamilton Sensation Sherbert Large Painted Dots

SKU: Hamilton Sensation Sherbert

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Hamilton Seaside Ocean Shells and Beach Motifs Cotton 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Seaside Ocean

10 In Stock

Hamilton Sawyer Azurite Geometric Chenille 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Sawyer Azurite

12.1 In Stock

Hamilton Sakura Sapphire Japanese Cherry Blossoms 54 inches Wide

SKU: Hamilton Sakura Sapphire

10.5 In Stock

Hamilton Fabrics Woven Jacobean Tree of Life Tapestry

SKU: Hamilton Richmond Hill Federal

12.8 In Stock