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Hiroshima Tulip Needles Quilting Needles Between #12

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Hiroshima Tulip Needles Quilting Needles Between #12

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by -

I had purchased this between to test against all the other brands (rounding out my experience) I’ve tried, used, am using. To run a true trial I also thought it best to use the same quilt therefore fabrics, batting, density and design would be the same for all.
<br>I bought the same size between as I currently use, size 12.... this Hiroshima Tulip needle is just a tad longer than my brand I am using.
<br>This needle was easy enough to thread.... the length caused more spacing between my stitches (not a good thing) and required quite a bit more effort (push) to go through my layers. I am very disappointed in this needle.....
<br>The “upside” is when I give my lectures, I at least have the advantage of having tried every current brand.

Revised review

by -

Well I embarked on hand quilting batiks… two layers. Was tired of the “other brand” Betweens dulling and point bending over so I pulled out these Tulip Betweens again.
<br>The Tulip went right through the batiks. Then my mind started scrambling to ascertain what the cost could be if I broke the Tulips at the same rate as my other Betweens. However, premium really means premium…. and I had worried needlessly. I am thrilled at the way they are and have held up.
<br>I did turn around and ordered myself more packages and when I opened this one, even though I had ordered identical size, these were slimmer.
<br>Now I am very pleased. Well done, Tulip!