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Hamilton Fabrics is a family-owned and operated business specializing in marvelous designer fabrics and specialty soft goods.

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Hamilton Kingsway Jewel Peacock Floral

SKU: Ham Kingsway Jewel

19 In Stock

Hamilton Kerala Jet Woven Tapestry Floral Paisley

SKU: Ham Kerala Jet

12 In Stock

Hamilton Kerala Ivory Woven Tapestry Floral Paisley

SKU: Ham Kerala Ivory

11 In Stock

Hamilton Joplin Coal Grey Pebble Collage Woven

SKU: Ham Joplin Coal

30 In Stock

Hamilton Fresco Delft Printed Blue Tile Delftware

SKU: Ham Fresco Delft

7.8 In Stock

Hamilton Cosmos Oyster Dotted Jacquard

SKU: Ham Cosmos Oyster

9.65 In Stock

Hamilton Chelsea Noir Tiger Lily and Hydrangea Print

SKU: Ham Chelsea Noir

1 In Stock

Hamilton Arboretum Spring Embroidered Botantical Leaf Study

SKU: Ham Arboretum Sp

3.75 In Stock

Hamilton Fabrics Aira Denim Blue Woven Trellis

SKU: Ham Aira Denim

19 In Stock